I like how glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes

"That’s why me and George can only work together ‘cause George can’t work with another producer because we have our own language, and certain colors that mean things and certain sounds and words that mean other things, we’ve been doing it for ten years"
Matty Healy on writing with George Daniel (via hellahealy)
she is perfect
  • mom: don't eat the cookies yet, they just came out of the oven and are too hot
  • me: fire cannot kill a dragon
  • alt-j:

    when I say “lmao” I do not mean “laughing my ass off” I mean “lmao”


    Do you think directors get sad when they realize they will never make a more perfect action sequence than the castle siege set to “I Need A Hero” from Shrek 2?


    louis tomlinson does not have a bad angle


    i like online shopping and putting everything i want in a cart then checking my subtotal and laughing and closing the tab

  • friend: ever since i started having sex i think i might be into super kinky stuff
  • me: oh really like what
  • friend: idk my bf handcuffed me last night
  • me: whoa that really is kinky
  • me internally: weak


    I’ll be writing down every url that reblogs in a notebook and I’m giving it to my homophobic father.


    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this site isn’t filled with advertisements


    sext: I bought you concert tickets


    the fact that people think in different accents really gets to me